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#Marketing Research.

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The Role of Marketing Research.(by Roger A. Karing and Steve Hartly of southern methodist university and university of Denver).

Lets look at marketing research and identify some difficulties with it and describe five steps marketers use to conduct it. Marketing research is the process of identifying a marketing problem and opportunity, systemically collecting and analyzing information, and recommending actions. Although imperfect, marketers conduct marketing research to reduce the risks and thereby improve marketing decisions.


Whatever the marketing issues is involved, whether discovering consumer tastes or setting the right price, good marketing research is challenging purchase behavior may help businesses or firms understand the influence of marketing actions, customers interests , intentions and purchases plays a major role in research activities.

First- Define the problem by setting research objectives and identifying possible marketing actions. Secondly,-Develop the research plan- specifying constraints, identifying data needed for marketing actions and determining how to collect data. Third-; Collecting relevant information, obtaining secondary and primary data., Developing findings and analyzing the data and lastly taking marketing actions, implementing action and Finally evaluating results.

source: Marketing(Kerin and Hartly)

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