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#George Floyd's death; Why didn't the witnesses call 911? I Can't Breath!

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

It's easy to walk away from a disturbing conscience. Whatever happened to the good Samaritan's clause? I begin by saying that I'm not a racist person, i do not support racism of any kind and I'm against any form of inhumane treatment or police brutality. While i condemn Floyd's killing and as I have already said in another post that it was an act of racism fueled by hate,it was a horrific insane act, I was tempted to walk away like everybody else from my conscientious because it's easier than facing another horrific truth. The truth that hurts the most. We very well know that the police officer maltreated him resulting to his death. He knew very well if Floyd died he would be responsible Yet he never let go off his neck, which he needed not touch since Floyd was handcuffed!The main point was to save Floyd's life. His plea for help that would not arrive!

Darnella Frazier who was filming the incident. Surely, Darnella is 17 years old, if a three year old can dial 911" what's your emergency." So could she! I'm very positive that almost all of you has had to dial 9-1-1 EMS at one time and stayed with the dispatcher. Here's the sickening question. Why didn't she do just that or rather any other by standers[ according to the arrest video he had two people in his car with him, a man and a woman]. What completely leaves me dumbfounded is that those were fellow "black lives that matters"!Did it really matter ?It's insane and completely unacceptable to capture a dying moment instead of responding to pleas for help. It's inhuman, it is not right to just stand around and do nothing and watch crime happening! I'm not sure which is worse. You be the Judge, be your own judge and jury. What would you have done? watch? Take a video that will later go viral? or call for help?


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