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#Death toll rises to over 4,000 after 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocks Turkey, Syria

"A new earthquake of at least magnitude 7.5 has been reported in southeast Turkey by Turkey’s AFAD emergency authority and the United States Geological Service (USGS). Turkish authorities measured the magnitude at 7.6, while the USGS measured it at 7.5, reporting it hit at 1:24pm (10:24 GMT) 4km (2.5 miles) south-southeast of the town of Ekinozu in Kahramanmaras, where the magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit hours earlier. Live local media footage showed a building collapsing in the town of Malatya during the latest quake. At least 912 deaths were reported in Turkey, while 560 people died in Syria. Dozens of countries have pledge to aid in search and rescue operations."(2023.Al Jazeera)


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