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#Covid-19 New Mutation.

Britain's new strain of coronavirus.

"British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday that the new strain had led to spiraling infection numbers. His government tightened its COVID-19 restrictions for London and nearby areas, and also reversed plans to ease restrictions over the Christmas period." According to news by Reuters.

Study: New Mutation Sped Up Spread of Coronavirus

in an article below by Brenda Goodman MA, web MD.

"Nov. 13, 2020 -- The virus that causes COVID-19 is not the same strain as what first emerged from China. A new study shows it has changed slightly in a way that makes it more contagious to humans.

Compared to the original strain, people infected with the new strain -- called 614G -- have higher viral loads in their nose and throat, though they don’t seem to get any sicker. But they are much more contagious to others."


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